PLM Search Engines – Part Geometry

PLM Search Engines – Part Geometry

October 9, 2015 2 By engineeringplm

In our previous post PLM Search Engines – A Present Possibility or Future Hope? we had explained the need for geometry based search for Parts in any Product Lifecycle Management based tool. There has been a significant advance in the field of 3D design based search technology. In this article we bring together some of the leading Search tools in market that are famous for their 3D Part Search Capabilities.


Owned by 3DSemantix, 3DPartFinder is a series of solutions for finding parts and shapes by 3D drawings. It has some very interesting features like finding duplicated parts, mirrored parts and similar parts – all by part geometry. It has smooth integrations with CATIA V5, NX, SOLIDWORKS, PTC Creo and ProE and many other famous CAD Tools.


  1. 3D Geometry based Search.
  2. Identification of Similar Parts, Part Duplicates, Mirrored Parts.
  3. 3D view of the search results.

Geolus Search

Geolus Search is another major in the geometry based search engine for PLM parts. It was developed by Siemen’s. Geolus claims to reduce/control the part lilfecycle cost by finding similar looking parts in the CAD system.


  1. Identify all identical parts and similar parts in system irrespective of their names or classification.
  2. Web Based Interface is also available for thin client users.
  3. Capable of generating customized reports for the 3D search results.
  4. Customized integration with other tools.


EXALEAD search engine was acquired by Dassault Systèmes in July 2010. Since then EXALEAD has become an integral part of the V6 solutions library Dassault Systèmes has developed. EXALEAD OnePart is yet another 3D geometry based search engine and much more.


  1. Search by uploading a CAD File.
  2. 3D similarity Search.
  3. Legacy Part Search.
  4. Full Text Search.
  5. 3D Meta Feature based search. (Example: By parts hole, curvature, grooves etc.)
  6. Custom Charts for search analysis.
  7. Add custom attributes to parts without the need for customization SDK.


GeoSearch is a 3D based search engine tool developed by CADENAS. CADENAS have some very cool tools that can have features like 2D Sketch search, 3D CAD drawing search etc. Complete list of its capabilities are given below.


  1. 2D Sketch search.
  2. 3D search of similar parts.
  3. Search by uploading a rough sketch of a part in a CAD file.
  4. Part topology based search.
  5. Full Text Search.

All the above 3D search tools differ by many of their exclusive features, but they have one goal in common- reduce creating of duplicate parts. By being able to perform 3D search a designer can not only leverage design but also perform real time comparison of similar looking parts to find out which parts suits the purpose.