Evolution of PLM

Evolution of PLM

October 31, 2015 0 By engineeringplm

Today, PLM is the backbone of any manufacturing organization. Ever wondered how PLM has evolved over the time? Who started the idea of PLM? Where it was first implemented? We bring to you with pictures some of the important timelines in the evolution of PLM.


In 1966-1968 UNISURF was developed by French Engineer Pierre Bézier for Renault. It became the working basis for the following generations of CAD softwares.


SKETCHPAD was developed by Ivan Sutherland as his PhD thesis. It is considered to be the ancestor of modern day CAD programs. It received the Turning Award in 1988.


In 1969 UNIAPT was launched by United Computing. It was later acquired by Siemen’s in 2007. UNIAPT is the basis of what we know as the modern day Siemen’s PLM Software. It was one of the first CAM products that was actually sold to end users.

Dassault Systèmes

In 1981 Dassault Systèmes was incorporated. Its major focus then was development of tools and processes that will enable faster manufacturing.

B-1B Bomber

The 1982-1983 Rockwell Int’l developed initial concepts of PLM for B-1B Bomber. It is now Boeing Defense And Space Group.

MatrixOne Inc

In 1983 Andra Systems was founded. It was specialized in development of PLM technologies. Adra Systems later evolved into MatrixOne Inc in 1997. It released its famous eMatrix PLM tools that became the backbone of modern day Enovia PLM tool.

American Motors Corporation

AMC was one of the first organizations to implement PLM to speed up the production of its jeep Grand Cherokee. The PLM implementation was a grand success and is recoded as a major mile stone in Product Lifecycle Management. The PLM implementation had two major objectives –

  1. Introduction of CAD tools to increase the productivity of Designers and Draughtsman.
  2. Tool to increase cross department synchronization.


In 1995 SOLIDWORKS-95 was released by Dassault Systèmes. It was a major landmark in CAD/CAM tool development with modern day designing needs.

PTC Windchill

Windchill was originally released by Windchill Technology Inc. in 1998. It was later acquired by PTC. It was considered first to market with internet based solutions for Product Lifecycle Management.


In 2006 Dessault Systemes acquired MatrixOne Inc. Since then eMatrix has become the backbone of ENOVIA suite of softwares.